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Zentangle® sessions

In 2004 Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, from Massachusetts, created a unique new art form called Zentangle®. They have designed a system for drawing simple, but intricate patterns. Today there are hundreds of different Zentangl® patterns to draw.

Sulet stumbled across Zentangle® during 2018 in a search for meditative art resources, because she wanted to introduce an easy and simple artistic activity to people who just want to relax in a peaceful setting with soft music in the background. She discovered Zentangle®  and was hooked instantly.

Zentangle® patterns are traditionally drawn in grayscale, using only black permanent markers and graphite pencils. Now, tanglers started adding colour to their creations with coloured pencils, pastels and watercolor paint.

Zentangle® is so easy to learn. As a form of meditative art, it provides opportunities to relax the troubled and stressed mind, leading to increased focus and clarity.

Book your 2 hour Zentangle session for a time that suits you. Bring your friends, a bottle of wine and snacks to make this an amazing experience.

Zentangle® is a very unique team building and group activity for businesses looking to strengthen their teams and provide some relaxation on top of it.


R250 per person per 2 hour session, includes all materials used during the session.