Welcome to my website

Welcome to Right Edge Art, a fine art studio in Lyttelton, Centurion for the very beginner with no art experience, but the need or wish to create art. Right Edge Art is also host Zentangle evenings for the stressed and weary.


Are you burned out and just need a safe place to relax and unwind in a creative way, but you have no artistic talent?

Join me for super relaxing Zentangle evenings once per month. Zentangle is easy to do and very relaxing. Click on this link to see what Zentangle is about and when our sessions are.

 Do you wish you could create realistic artworks, but other art studios turn you down due to your lack of knowledge and art experience? Or maybe you want to study design or art from grade 10 and after you matriculated, but you feel you suck at art and will never be good at it? Are you 12 years or older? 

Don’t give up on your dreams. I know that art is a skill that can be learned. Click here to see how I know this. My art classes are specifically for inexperienced, “talent-less” people like you. I provide you with a safe place to learn the basics of art at your own pace with no pressure. Here you will gain the art skills and experience you need to make your dreams come true. Click here to see what you will gain from my art classes.

Or you may want to visit my Facebook page to see what my students and I are up to, and some news and other posts.