Welcome at Right Edge Art

Right Edge Art was established in 2011. We have been teaching art classes to absolute beginners since January 2011.



Sulet studied Graphic Design at the Art Director’s Workshop in Cape Town more than 30 years ago, after which she studied Psychology at Unisa. Her qualifications provide her with a unique understanding of the mind and learning art techniques.

We believe art is a skill and skills can be learned. Our ART CLASSES are specifically designed to benefit teen and adult beginners with no previous experience and those who want to create art, but are too scared to. We believe overly formal and critical art classes are counterproductive especially for absolute beginners. Therefor our classes are relaxed and provide lots of demonstration and gentle guidance instead of harsh critique.


Our ILLUSTRATIONS AND DESIGNS are done with the focus on eye-catching logo’s, book covers and pictures that tell a story.That is what art is about after all.


Our e-books include illustrated instructional ART E-BOOKS for beginners that is based on our classes, as well as CHILDREN”S E-BOOKS to stimulate imagination in the young ones.